Here's what Tracey's clients are saying...

"Tracey, Thank You for all your support to my family and me during my recent two-month deployment to Iraq. Tracey took care of my dogs, every single day, seven days a week including Christmas and New Year's while I was overseas.  It is obvious animals are her passion and I am glad to have found her to help me with mine!

  - Major David Skiba, USAF, North Andover owner of Sassy & Princess

"It is without hesitation that I recommend Tracey to anyone who needs short or long term sitting services for their beloved pets. We often leave our two dogs for up to two weeks at a time and she has been nothing short of remarkable. Our boys (as we call them) look forward to her visits and the daily walks she takes them on while we are away. I highly recommend her to anyone who values integrity and reliable service."

    - Linda Smith, North Andover owner of Bandit & Dusty

"A huge Thank You: Tracey Zysk from Wiggles& Jiggles Pet Care for being there at a moment's notice when my daughter went into labor over a week ago!  You are amazing, and it felt good knowing that Riley and Sophie were well cared for! 

Thanks Again for everything!!!!"  

~ Kim Mollica, North Andover, owner of Riley and Sophie

Tracey is just great. She's taken care of our five cats on multiple occasions and has successfully administered meds each and every time we've needed her to. (As cat people know, this is no small feat.) Knowing that Tracey is there to take care of our babies makes ALL the difference when we need to be out of town. I highly recommend her!

                                                                 - Ellen McWhorter, North Andover owner of the "cat crew"

                                       Tracey is the BEST - What else needs to be said!


Elana Figler, North Andover owner of Riley  

Tracey takes very good care of our dog Issac.  He is not just your typical yellow lab, he is a retired Seeing eye dog.  She comes to our house three times a week and takes him for a walk and gives him tons of kisses and attention. Tracey is very trustworthly and dependable.  If need be, I can call her anytime.  We trust Tracey and our dogs love her.  I have a new working dog named Holly and when I am home Tracey will take her for a walk too.  Peace of mind is a good thing!! I know that while I am at work Issac is in good hands.  I highly recommend Tracey to anyone who needs someone to care for their pets.


                                                                     Sue Christensen, North Andover owner of Issac & Holly

"Tracey visits and walks our lab every weekday afternoon. Our buddy loves his daily walks with Tracey and we love the fact he gets some attention and exercise while we are at work. Tracey also pet sits our cat when we are traveling. Tracey is very reliable and cares very much for our pets. And our pets love her too! We are very lucky to have found Tracey and highly recommend Wiggles & Jiggles to anyone that is looking for a dog walker or pet sitter."

 -Dina Yorke, North Andover owner of Toby

"We reached out to Tracey for her animal massage services when our dogs started to age.  Chancy, our Dalmatian was diagnosed with congestive heart problems.  Tracey massaged Chancey and Winston, our English Mastiff every week for two years. This treatment helped to move the water off Chancey's heart and we believe this helped take Chancey's pain away and to extend and improve her quality life."  

-The Snowden's, Stoneham MA

"We trust Tracey to take care of both of our cats like they were her own. I can vacation knowing that the girls have the best care when we are away. Bailey and Sambucca both love Tracey, they wait for her at the door and window and look forward to their playtime with their favorite sitter. Her approach when we first met her was so comforting. She talked about other animals that she has cared for, gave us recommendations that she had, went over each and every detail of what the girl's schedule was to make an easy transition. She also is affiliated with our Vet Clinic and is bonded and registered with our town. She is wonderful!

Tracey responded immediately when one of my indoor cats got outside and was missing for an hour or so. She went searching in places that I would never have thought of. She found my little Bailey underneath a shed in a close by neighborhood by hearing her little cry when she called her name. Bailey was underneath and could not get out on her own. Tracey managed to find a spot and get her out safely, however poor Tracey had scratches all over her from the shrubbery and from Bailey. Tracey went above and beyond to help us save Bailey, she was not working for us on that day and had no obligation but she cares about her client's animals like they are her children. We are ever indebted to Tracey for saving our Bailey.

I highly recommend Tracey as a responsible, caring and loving pet sitter. She is not only dedicated to her clients but also participates in many organizations for the greater good of animals."

 -Kathy West, North Andover owner of Baily & Bucca

"The Only One I Trust. Tracey has been my dog sitter for over 4 years. All I can say is there's just no one else like her. My dogs are both rescues and each has their own fears and aggression. I've never found anyone with whom they were comfortable, and whom I trusted. Finding Tracey was such a Blessing! I travel numerous times a year for work with each trip lasting from 5 to 11 days. I finally have peace of mind while away as I know Tracey is loving and spoiling my babies rotten! In fact, when we see her in the parking lot my boys sprint towards her as if they've been dying to see her.

The knowledge, passion, and skill Tracey brings to her work is unmatched by any other sitter I've known. My Rudy had a shoulder injury and was paralyzed temporarily from a spinal injury. After the intensive surgery, Tracey was the only person I trusted with my babies. She knew exactly how to handle him in his fragile condition, and was such a comfort and support to both Rudy and myself.

Tracey understands my dogs are my children and my loves, and she treats them as her own when she's with them. I can't say enough great things about her!"

~Leslie Kalra, So. Lawrence owner Rudy & Jacob

"Tracey has been my cat sitter for a year now. My cats are rescues and a bit shy and very much homebodies. Whenever I return from a trip they are relaxed and happy - showing me that she takes good care of them during my absence. Recently I was traveling quite far (13 hours ahead) and Tracey came to my place and found it had flooded (ongoing issue but that is another post!). She immediately texted me and together we worked out a solution so that the damage was minimized and the cats were ok. She goes above and beyond. The other aspect I really admire about Tracey is her dedication to animal rights and her involvement in the community. She lives her passions. I feel lucky to have found Tracey and I am sure Sheshe and Shady Boo would say the same!"

-Kelly Morrissey, Andover, owner of SheShe and Shady Boo

"Tracey at Wiggles & Jiggles is great. She is professional, intelligent and trustworthy. She truly loves and cares about dogs. Our dog, Pepper, loves her dearly. We trust Tracey to care for her often. It's good to know someone you can count on is going to be there for your pet. I would highly recommend Wiggles & Jiggles for pet services."

-Maureen Gallo, North Andover, owner of Pepper

"Tracey has been taking care of my dog, Myko for almost 3 years. Myko is a very active Siberian Husky and he absolutely loves his time with Tracey! She takes him on nice long walks and introduces him to so many friends around North Andover. It is great to come home from work and see Myko's "report card" that Tracey leaves - it gives me a little glimpse into his day. :) I recommend Tracey to local friends and family every opportunity I have."

-Elise Ludgin, North Andover, owner of Myko

"Tracey  Thank you for all your help with Sally while we were awaiting the birth our new baby  Seraphina's arrival at the hospital.  Sally is adjusting very well to her new baby sister."

- Dennis & Kate  Dabrieo, North Andover, owners of Sally

Tracey  Thank You for being Chester's friend and such a great dog walker this past year.  We could always count on you.  We hope to find a dog walker in our new town as reliable as you!

~ Erica & Matt Neri, North Andover, owners of Chester

Tracey has been taking care of my dog for almost 3 years. She has come in a moment's notice when I have been stuck at work or if I need her unexpectedly. She takes wonderful care of my dog and my dog adores her. Tracey is a gem. I highly recommend her.

~Pam Greenwood, North Andover, owner of Molly

As many of you know our GSD escaped from Dog n' It kennel on 114 last Sunday. Amongst the many volunteers that have helped us look for Cooper one person stands out the most.Tracey has never met us or Cooper and has spent countless hours (15 hours yesterday alone on her only day off) looking for Cooper, networking, sending out flyers, contacting police departments, rescue recovery agencies and speaking with neighbors of Cooper sightings. To say she has committed is an understatement. To say she loves dogs is putting mildly. Her level of compassion and empathy unparalleled. Any dog big or small would be lucky to have Tracey as their walking companion. I would encourage anyone that is looking for a responsible, kind, warm, and devoted dog walker to contact Tracey immediately.If you are at home with your dog and unsure or questioning whether or not your kennel or dog walker meets every bit of your search criteria and expectations, I implore you to hire Tracey. You will not be sorry.

~Heather Ankiewicz, North Andover, owner of Cooper

Tracey goes out of her way to bring my dogs treats even when she is not walking them. There are not a lot of people that I would give a key to my house too,(or trust with my dogs) but Tracey has one. Many times we have been away longer than expected and Tracey will always find a way to fit them into her schedule on short notice.

~Dick Vaillancourt, North Andover,  owner Bella & Kai

I have used Tracey for several years now to sit for my cats. I feel so fortunate to have someone who cares so deeply about animals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs pet-sitting services. And, she helps keep an eye on the house (like when we lost power)! Thank you, Tracey!

~Barbara Wolfinger, North Andover, owner of Baloo and Mowglie